Impossibly Difficult Custom Jetpack Levels

Jetpack: anyone remember playing this 15-year-old DOS-based game? You could build your own levels where you navigate through mazes. I uploaded a couple of my own, created years ago for your enjoyment*

A very difficult level. Will cause more pain than joy. Avoid.
A very difficult level. Will cause more pain than joy. Avoid.

Download the above level to play it. While there are few enemies, this level will make you think.

Impossibly-difficult level. Avoid at all costs. Attempts to play may lead to suicidal behavior.
Impossibly-difficult level. Avoid at all costs. By playing this level, you agree to accept full responsibility for your altered sanity.

If you really want to play the level above, here it is. Don’t be fooled by the lack of enemies, and get ready to have your patience tested – or, just give up now and avoid the pain! (updated 10/14/12 to fix a cheat)

A very difficult level contributed by Vektor from the comments.
A very difficult level contributed by Vektor from the comments.

Here’s another level (above) left by Vektor. Download here.

To play jetpack online, visit JetpackHQ.

Most difficult campaign award goes to Balmipour

Update: Balmipour (from the comments) has shared an extremely challenging campaign that will test the patience of any human. Download Balmipour’s full campaign here. Here are screenshots of the first 3 easiest levels in his campaign. To see the next levels (of increasing difficulty), you’ll just have to download the full campaign!

A new level from Balmipour!

Get ready for a “custom torture room.” Don’t try this one at home. Or do. You won’t be able to beat it, so here is the solution.

“DISCLAIMER : don’t try this at home, it took me… several months, I think, and probably around 3000 lives (most of which didn’t last ten seconds). A custom torture room for hardcore players.” – Balmipour, creator



The Batcave

Here’s a new level created by ill4death. I have not beaten this level yet. Your comments on it are welcome! The author has posted the solution here

“My level is genius” – ill4death, creator


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@Balmipour: Nicely done! You’re the first to prove beating both of these very difficult levels. I see you found an “alternate” way to getting the jem in the top-right (by using your jetpack). There is a 2nd method. I have fixed the level so that your method no longer works 🙂

Managed to complete them both as well, fancy giving my new level a try? I reckon it’s harder by quite a way..
(edit: Vektor’s level has been included on the page above)


Amazing! These levels will surely test the skills of the most hardcore jetpack gamers out there.

These are some well-designed levels. Glad people are still playing this game (which is thanks to the level editor).

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